The Fleapit Premieres at Watershed

The Fleapit premiered at The Cary Grant Comes Home For the Weekend Festival at Watershed on 11th October 2014 – its first outing with the new marquee, lights and curtains in full working order – hooray!
Photo 11-10-2014 15 26 48

The tiny cinema screened the shortlisted entries from the Cary Grant Film Challenge, short documentaries about Cary Grant’s Bristol, together with trailers for two of his most memorable performances in North by Northwest and Arsenic and Old Lace which were later projected on the much bigger screen at the Bristol Hippodrome as part of the festival gala.

Photo 11-10-2014 15 26 53

Photo 11-10-2014 15 27 27

Photo 11-10-2014 15 29 06

Photo 11-10-2014 16 21 55_Cropped

Photo 11-10-2014 16 22 02

Photo 11-10-2014 16 22 30

If you are interested in programming something on The Fleapit then do get in touch to discuss possibilities.


Coming Soon to a Fleapit Near You: Cary Grant Comes Home For The Weekend

The Fleapit marquee is coming along nicely – getting ready for showing some Cary Grant related material in the run up to the Cary Grant Comes Home For the Weekend Festival.

Fleapit Now Showing Cary Grant

Decorating the marquee and signage.

You get to play projectionist: you are invited to get the cinema ready by dimming the lights, opening the curtains and queuing the films, which include a selection of vintage 1950s Pearl & Dean advertising (thanks to Peter Seabrook-Harris for permissions), trailers for Arsenic and Old Lace and North by Northwest (the festival gala double bill) and a film about Archie Leach’s Pastry Fork.

Testing back-lighting by inserting iPad inside!

Testing back-lighting by inserting iPad inside!

The next stage is for Tarim to fit LED lights to the marquee and auditorium, complete the electronics, give the auditorium one final coat of paint and Bob’s your Auntie’s live-in lover. I can’t wait to see the marquee in situ on the rest of the cinema!

Close up

Close up