Fleapit at DepicT! Reception at Encounters 2013

The Fleapit was showcased at Encounters 2013 International Short Film and Animation Festival featuring the best of DepicT! 90-second films and the 0117 Film Challenge.

Here are some pictures of delegates enjoying the installation at the DepicT! reception:




The lovely Sam Groves of Flatpack Film Festival controlling the cinema:


The Fleapit being papped:


Lego spectators:


Tarim being tinkering behind the scenes:


The Arduino circuitry innards:



Pop-up Fleapit Demo

Here’s a little video of the Pop-up Fleapit in action at the Parlour Showrooms on Park Street last week as part of the Encounters Film Festival fringe events:


Setting up at the Parlour Showrooms

Tarim and I were invited to install a giant version of The Fleapit in the Parlour Showrooms as part of Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival’s fringe events this year.  Here are some photos of us setting up with fringe events co-ordinator, Steve Presence and Bert and Joe from Know Alternative.



Ladies bloomers at Parlour Showroom


There’s something rather lovely about these curtains popping up in a shop window – gives a whole new meaning to window shopping.  Tarim suggested calling it Window Screen and we also had Window Jacker as a suggested title, but we decided to stick with Pop-up Fleapit as the film programme and interaction is essentially the same as the tiny version.

Up-scaling the installation to this size has been a huge learning curve, particularly in terms of the physics of back-projection, issues around scanning the QR codes in daylight and the fact that Know Alternative were tasked with setting up Encounters’ Swiss Chalet behind the screen which meant we didn’t have as long a run as we’d like.  But it’s whetted my appetite for further pop-up cinema events in shop windows so watch this space, or get in touch if you have any ideas.

I’m editing a short video documentation of the interactive curtains in action, which I’ll post here soon.

Fleapit at Encounters

We’re very excited that the Digital Fleapit has been invited to exhibit at Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival in September alongside other pervasive media screen-based projects – including another project I’m involved in with Tim Kindberg and Hazel Grian, the Nth Screen. The miniature cinema will be programmed with suitably tiny movies – a range of the best 90-second DepicT! entries over the last few years, together with 3-minute films from this year’s 0117 Film Challenge.