Fleapit update

We are making progress with the digital fleapit with the first stage of the box that will become the cinema now completed by Simon Dorgan of Urbi et Orbi.


Now Tarim is working on the innards and I will soon be sewing the curtains. All very exciting!


Fleapit at Encounters

We’re very excited that the Digital Fleapit has been invited to exhibit at Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival in September alongside other pervasive media screen-based projects – including another project I’m involved in with Tim Kindberg and Hazel Grian, the Nth Screen. The miniature cinema will be programmed with suitably tiny movies – a range of the best 90-second DepicT! entries over the last few years, together with 3-minute films from this year’s 0117 Film Challenge.



Cardboard fleapit

Tarim revealed the cardboard prototype today:


As per Projection Hero the flea pit will situate the spectator in the role of the projectionist, controlling the cinema, hence the little projection booth windows (see close up through one of the windows below). I’m loving the arcade game look. We’ve added a back board which will function as a marquee where we can advertise what’s being programmed, as per the aesthetic of these beautiful cinema hoardings.

The key difference from Projection Hero is the size – we’re designing this one to be super portable, to fit in the suitcase pictured below. Next step is another slightly smaller cardboard prototype, drawing up the dimensions for the box and getting Urbi et Orbi to fashion the shell of the box so Tarim can get down to the nitty gritty of fitting the mechanism and circuitry and I can start sewing the curtains…

IMG_2191 IMG_2194IMG_2193

Digital Fleapit – Coming Soon

Work is underway to develop the Digital Flea Pit, a collaboration between Charlotte Crofts (UWE) and Tarim (Media Playgrounds).  Tarim is working on a cardboard prototype to test the dimensions, both in terms of the interior of the miniature cinema and how it fits into the suitcase we’re going to use to protect it in transit. Will update next week.  Very excited!